In Mom's Arms


Homeless programs

Through volunteer collaboration with church organizations and other non-profits, In Mom's Arms helps feed the homeless and provide information and referral of services and support available.


Lakewood Gardens Civic Association clubhouse

In Mom's Arms has partnered with Lakewood Gardens Civic Association (LGCA) to beautify and restore the clubhouse for member use. The Lakewood Gardens clubhouse, a staple in the Lakewood Gardens community of Lakewood, CA has been in existence since 1948. Many community members access the facility for events from parties, seasonal events, family movie nights, dance and martial arts classes (Karate and Bokator), and guitar and swim lessons.


youth programs

The leaders of tomorrow should have activities that are engaging and safe. We promote fun family activities such as basketball camps, youth boxing, study functions, tutoring referrals, resources and services.


veterans Programs

Veterans are the cornerstone of our country. The service Veterans provided our country will forever be appreciated. These dedicated and skilled men and women have served and deserve support and resources to assist them.